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Data Usage Reminders

Consumer Action’s Wireless Education Project can help you stay on top of your wireless data usage. You can avoid surprises on your wireless bill by signing up to receive monthly notices to remind you to check usage and make adjustments before your bill is sent. This is an notice is an email message, formatted to be easily read on your desktop, cellphone or mobile device. So…

  • Avoid bill surprise! Get an email reminder to check your wireless voice and data usage each month. Choose the date you want to receive the email. For example, if you want a reminder to check your data usage every 5th of the month, enter 02/05/2011 or use the calendar to click on that day. We recommend that you choose a date about halfway through your billing cycle so you avoid bill surprises.
  • Tips. Get email tips from the Wireless Education Project. Don’t worry, we’ll only send 1-2 tips per month.
  • News & Alerts from Consumer Action. Choose this category if you would like to join Consumer Action’s mailing list and receive consumer news and legislative alerts.

All emails will contain an opt-out link in case you change your mind about receiving mail from us.

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