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  • Headlines | Lawmakers want to give us back the right to sue companies. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    The House of Representatives Judiciary Committee passed a bipartisan bill, the Forced Arbitration Injustice Repeal (FAIR) Act, that would end forced arbitration.

    A recent academic study found that 81 of the biggest 100 companies in…

  • August

  • Headlines | How to complain and get results. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    To breach the walls and successfully resolve your complaint, you must use the three p’s: patience, persistence and politeness. Don’t expect an instant fix, and give the company’s complaint process time to work. Be prepared…

  • 28
  • Headlines | Student allegedly denied U.S. entry over friends’ social media. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    Ismail B. Ajjawi touched down at Boston Logan International Airport on Friday night, prepared to begin his freshman year at Harvard University. The 17-year-old Palestinian student never left the airport. The Harvard Crimson reported that…

  • 23
  • Headlines | Major phone service providers agree to plan to slow robocallers. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and nine other phone service providers reached a deal with 51 attorneys general across the country to install call-blocking technology. But the deal doesn’t have a deadline.

  • 21
  • Headlines | Why aren’t older people using Lyft and Uber?. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    Seniors need transportation alternatives more than ever, but many are intimidated by ride-hailing apps.

  • 15
  • Headlines | I shared my phone number. I learned I shouldn’t have. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    Our mobile phone numbers have become permanently attached to us because we rarely change them, porting them from job to job and place to place. In fact, your phone number may have now become an…

  • 05
  • Headlines | Instagram is changing the way people buy things. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    In March, Instagram introduced a new checkout option that allows customers to purchase products directly off a handful of companies' pages within its app.

    Instagram has also added tools that allow customers to shop items…

  • Headlines | A guide to picking the right phone plan. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    Let’s make one thing clear: You can’t beat the house. Telecommunications is one of the world’s most lucrative industries, and wireless carriers will turn a profit no matter what. That’s why you must be judicious…

  • July

  • Headlines | House passes anti-robocall bill. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    The House on Wednesday took a major step toward cracking down on illegal robocalls by passing legislation allowing for tougher penalties against the scammers who generate billions of unwanted calls each year.

  • 25
  • Headlines | Your college major may affect your ability to get a loan. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    When students choose where to attend college and what subject to major in, they can expect those decisions to have an impact on certain aspects of their life, like their career or earnings. But if…

  • 24
  • Headlines | FTC orders Facebook to add oversight of data practices. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    Facebook on Wednesday was ordered to create new layers of oversight for its collection and handling of users’ personal data by the Federal Trade Commission, as the agency detailed a privacy settlement with the social…

  • 16
  • Headlines | T-Mobile says it can’t be sued by users. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    T-Mobile is already facing a class-action lawsuit that's making its way through the court system to hold the company accountable for its behavior. There's just one problem: the mobile carrier says that if its subscribers…

  • 15
  • Headlines | FTC approves Facebook fine of about $5 billion. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    The Federal Trade Commission has approved a fine of roughly $5 billion against Facebook for mishandling users’ personal information, according to three people briefed on the vote, in what would be a landmark settlement that…

  • Headlines | Five things to avoid on Amazon Prime Day. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    It’s that time of the year—Prime Day is July 15 and 16. The event has turned into summer’s version of Black Friday, a shopping frenzy that can turn into a hangover of spending regret once the…

  • Headlines | U.S. proposes barring big tech from offering financial services. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    A proposal to prevent big technology companies from functioning as financial institutions or issuing digital currencies has been circulated for discussion by the Democratic majority that leads the House Financial Services Committee, according to a…

  • Headlines | Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple under fire by Congress. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    Silicon Valley will have a big presence in Washington, D.C., this week as big tech companies get ready for the spotlight, with several high-profile Congressional hearings scheduled for this week. The tech giants are under increasing…

  • June

  • Headlines | How to fight the spies in your Chrome browser. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    The main lesson: If Google is a data vampire, Chrome is its fangs. For most people, not using a browser made by an advertising company is the simplest way to protect your data from thousands…

  • Headlines | Crackdown targets robocallers. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    Federal and state authorities announced that they had targeted dozens of robocallers accused of placing an estimated 1 billion spam calls to consumers, a crackdown they said should send a signal about the government’s heightened…

  • 20
  • Headlines | ThinkFinance to pay back $39.7 million on payday loans. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    A Fort Worth financial firm will cancel its outstanding loans and pay nearly $40 million to consumers after engaging in an alleged payday lending operation that used Native American tribes as shields from state laws.

  • 12
  • Headlines | States sue over Sprint, T-Mobile merger. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    A $26 billion T-mobile/Sprint merger deal seemed to be moving forward in recent weeks, when the head of the Federal Communications Commission gave it his blessing. But on Tuesday, the plan hit a roadblock when…

  • 07
  • Headlines | Maine’s strict new internet privacy protection. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    The new law, which goes into effect on July 1, 2020, would require internet service providers to ask for permission before they sell or share any of their customers’ data to a third party. The…

  • 06
  • Headlines | Chase: Arbitration’s ‘better’ for consumers. Nope, say researchers. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    JPMorgan Chase is notifying more than 40 million credit card holders that from now on they’ll have to arbitrate any disputes, forgoing the option of filing a lawsuit or joining class-action suits.

    Although an opt-out…

  • Headlines | Senators say debt collection proposal puts industry ahead of consumers. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    More than 20 U.S. Senators are calling on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to reconsider a proposal  that would allow debt collectors to send unlimited texts and emails to consumers, as well as call them…

  • 03
  • Headlines | A storm is brewing over big tech. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    Google and Amazon have thrived as American regulators largely kept their distance. That may be changing.

    Politicians on the right and left are decrying the tech companies’ enormous power. President Trump and other Republicans have…

  • May

  • Headlines | Mired In medical debt? Federal rule changes proposed for bill collectors. {/exp:ce_str:ing}

    This month, the CFPB proposed a rule to frame what debt collectors are allowed to do when pursuing many types of overdue bills. The proposed rule specifies that debt collectors can make no more than…

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